Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Delicious new colours

Yoshii towels are now here in new colours! The beautiful two tone bath towels are now in a lovely sherbety orange combination, a bright pink combination and a soft blue and white combination...and the fun polka dot towels now come in a hand towel as well as the bath and face towel sizes. I'll be putting these, the new Burgon & Ball gardening products, and some beautiful vintage items up into the online store over the next day or two so keep an eye out!

If you've never used a Yoshii towel before, it's something you have to experience. Exceptionally beautiful and soft, they are unlike any towel you've seen or felt before. Here's a bit more about them: 

Yoshii Towel are well known for their finest quality cotton towels that are naturally soft to your skin, pleasing to your eyes and gentle to our earth. The secret to the natural softness of the Yoshii towel is the use of exceptionally soft twisted ring threads called “Shankar 6.” These threads are cultivated using low agricultural-chemicals, and both the weaving and bleaching of Yoshii towels are certified as environmetally friendly. Exceptional care is taken in the preparation of these towels and as a result they are extremely absorbent and fast-drying, as well as beautifully soft. They are also very lightweight and compact, making them perfect for travel. Yoshii towels are machine washable and require no fabric softeners. Their superior softness and lightness makes them suitable for all ages, including newborn babies.

See the current range online in The Bathroom...

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