Wednesday, February 8, 2012


You've probably heard of the High Line, but what about the LowLine? The Delancey Underground project is looking at transforming an abandoned trolley terminal into New York City's first underground community green space. Beneath one of the least green areas of the city, the Lower East Side, lies a massive, unused space that the project seeks to turn into an extraordinary subterranean public park. It will make use of innovative fibre optics to reflect light underground, saving electricity and reducing carbon emissions, while generating the capacity for plants, trees, and grasses to thrive indoors.

These concept pictures are pretty freaky but the finished project would no doubt be incredible. I love the creative approach to public space that modern design is taking, and I'm fascinated by the concept of channelling sunlight underground - or just indoors. Imagine the possibilities for indoor gardens or living installations in previously soulless shopping centres!

The idea of the LowLine was inspired by the incredible success of the High Line and has support from local businesses, residents, community leaders, and political stakeholders. Organisers are now focused on increasing this broad public support in order to make their vision a reality. Here's hoping they pull it off!

See my post from last year about the High Line here and Eko's here.

*Images are from raad studio; found via Trendland.

P.S. Sorry things have been a bit quiet around here! I've been away sick the last couple of days. We had another great workshop on Sunday, though, and I'll post the photos tomorrow!

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