Thursday, February 23, 2012

Emily Green prints

You're probably familiar with Emily Green's bright and beautiful necklaces and brooches, but did you know the Melbourne-based designer also creates beautiful artworks from watercolours and collage? The artworks complement her jewellery designs perfectly, with beautiful soft pastels or bright and bold colour mixes (you may have noticed she photographs her necklaces in front of her watercolours, which I think takes them to a whole new level of beautiful!).

When I opened Emily's latest catalogue, I was really excited to discover that she's now selling her artworks as A4 digital prints. The Mega Silk 50% recycled 300gsm smooth white paper used makes for a very beautiful print that shows every detail of the original artwork.

Along with lots of lovely new necklaces and brooches, these prints will be arriving at Mr Sparrow very soon, so keep an eye out and you could have a bit of Emily on your walls!

*All images by Emily Green

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