Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas at our place


Our Christmas decorations are a mix of old ones handed down years ago by my grandmother, handmade ones from my childhood and a variety of ones given to us over the years by family and friends. While putting these up on Friday night I commented to James that a Christmas ornament is actually a really nice gift to give or receive because you'll remember that person every year as you decorate your tree. I have one that I was given by a boy I kissed when I was sixteen (!) and at the time I thought it was a really bizarre gift but I still have it and it's kind of a fun memory now! Of course, we also have Daikon Man on the top of the tree (bought in Japan a few years ago), which is kinda crazy but just the way we like it!

As well as the tree, we have a cute little wooden nativity scene, which was a gift from my sister from Canada some years ago, the lovely vintage nutcracker from Elizabeth, a few kitcshy deers and - my favourite bit - my snowdome collection!

I'm also sticking with the new tradition I started a couple of years ago of buying a new ornament each year (thanks, Louise!), and this year I couldn't resist these pretty bone china wings from Have You Met Miss Jones.

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