Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Rose & Crown

Last weekend our friend Dave celebrated his birthday and instead of just suggesting we hang out at our usual haunts, he took us to a couple of exotic locations! Well, maybe not exotic, but definitely different and absolutely worth the trek out of our comfort zone.

First up was the Rose & Crown hotel in Guildford. I'd never been here before but I aboslutely loved it! Built in 1841, the hotel houses a very nice-looking restaurant upstairs as well as a bar. Our party was downstairs in one of a series of cellars. It was amazing down there - beautiful hand-made bricks and wooden tables and bench seats. Our cellar also had a well (you can see it in the second photo), which was built by convicts. One of the other cellars had the remnants of a tunnel (now walled-up - it's behind the wheel in the top picture) that used to lead to the nearby Swan River and was used to bring in stores from barges...although there are all sorts of other stories circulating about convicts escaping through the tunnel!

I've been a fan of Guildford for a long time, mostly for its antique shops (although James is also a huge fan of the bakery!), and now I have another reason to make the trip there on a Sunday afternoon...

Stay tuned for another post on part two of Dave's birthday shenanigans, involving a train ride to a secret location for a delicious dinner and all-round amazing experience!

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  1. I am sad to say that despite working at Swan District Hospital for 6 months, I never made it to the Rose and Crown. I did do a fair bit of rummaging around in Guildford's vintage stores.

    Thank you so much for my prize and the Mr Sparrow postcards! I am going to get one of those books for each of my friends that has kids from now on!

  2. So glad you liked it! They are such beautiful books. There's still plenty of time to make it to the Rose & Crown - it's been there for 170 years so will probably be there for a while yet! :)