Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend flavours

I was lucky enough to score a three-day weekend last week and the result was a bit of sewing, a bit of cleaning, a bit of gardening (yes, in 43 degrees!)...and a lot of eating! Actually, it was sort of a produce-based weekend, as a lot of what we ate came from our garden, or the gardens of friends or family, plus we also made apricot jam with apricots from my parents' orchard in Dwellingup, and passionfruit curd with passionfruits from our vine (thanks for the idea, Laura!).

I have recently developed an obsession with white anchovies, which is very strange for me because I don't like regular anchovies at all, but I had white anchovies as tapas a couple of times and found them delicious. So for lunch on Saturday we made baguettes with rocket, white anchovies, moonblush tomatoes (something my mum makes with her cherry tomatoes, which is like a milder semi-sundried tomato) and mayonnaise. It was basically a replica of a baguette we bought once from our new favourite cafe, West End Deli, and was very tasty! I definitely recommend giving white anchovies a go if you haven't already.

On Sunday we made bruschetta using cherry tomatoes and basil from our garden, and also some cherry tomatoes from our friends Jo and Tarquin - thanks, guys! The flavour of homegrown tomatoes is just incomparable to those you buy in the shop.

Then last night we had my parents over for dinner and for dessert I served up a trio of tasty things made from the passionfruit curd we made on Sunday. There was passionfruit curd ice-cream, mini sponge cakes with passionfruit curd and cream, and mini passionfruit curd tarts. My favourite was the ice cream (maybe because I knew how hard it was to make!) but I think everyone else liked the sponges best! We also discovered a fantastic way to roast a chicken in summer - on the barbeque! We used Ainsley Harriott's method of turning on the burners on either end of the barbie and leaving the ones in the middle off, then placing the chicken in the middle with the lid down. The result was just like a normal roast chicken, except possibly more crispy and delicious! We had this with a pea and spinach salad and salsa verde potatoes - yum!

I hope your weekend was as delicious as mine! Stay tuned for the apricot jam recipe later this week :)


  1. Beautiful bruschetta. Agreed that nothing compares to home grown tomatoes.

    Since you're using homegrown ingredients, would you like to enter this post in our Grow Your Own roundup this month? Full details at


  2. Hi Nate,

    Thanks! I've just entered the competition :)
    Great idea!

  3. Anna,

    Submission received. If you post your passionfruit curd recipe, I'd love to see that too!