Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm so excited about Greenhouse! It's a new restaurant and bar on St George's Terrace...and it opens tomorrow! What really excites me about this particular place is the groundbreaking design of the building and the fantastic concept of a self-sustaining venue. I've been hearing about it for months because it's part of the enex100 building, which my friend Eko helped interior-design, and she took these photos at the industry opening last Thursday.

Designer Joost Bakker came up with the concept of a self-sustaining event venue after feeling "frustrated by the practices of a planet that keeps making stuff without any thought to the impact of creating more stuff." Initially, The Greenhouse by Joost was a temporary structure in Melbourne's Federation Square, which for three months dished up degustation fare - some of which came from the garden of its own roof-top space - in a structure designed entirely from "waste".

Then - hooray! - Perth was chosen as one of only two sites worldwide (the other is Milan) for a permanent Greenhouse and construction began in September this year. Described as a "lush, green oasis nestled amidst the concrete of St. Georges Terrace", the exterior of Greenhouse is a vertical garden made from hundreds of potted strawberry plants. There is also a rooftop garden, which will produce fresh ingredients for the kitchen and provide a serene place to escape. The frame of the building is made from roll formed steel coil and its cladding and surfaces are made from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. Even the drinking vessels are "green", with wine served in recycled jars, cocktails in terracotta pots, and shots in test tubes discarded by science laboratories.

I feel so proud that something as exciting as this is happening in Perth! Thanks to Eko for these photos. You can read more about Greenhouse on the website and see lots more photos here.

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  1. I think this looks rather awesome!

  2. drink out of the testube sounds interesting and challenging all at the same time, cant wait to try it out! x